If you're new to photography and don't know what to expect, it can be a little daunting being in front of a camera (or two)! Here are some simple, but sure-fire ways to get comfortable in front of the camera quickly, and to look good whilst doing it!

1. Walking towards the camera

This one's quite difficult to get the hang of. It involves you both walking towards the camera...ah, maybe not too bad then. I usually start with this "pose", as it involves the couple doing something that comes naturally to them - walking in a straight line, holding each others' arms and having fun.

2. Walking away from the camera

It's like walking towards the camera, but the opposite...yeah. Most people love this one as it allows them to ignore me for a bit, and have a moment with just each other.

3. Tell a joke

Capturing candid moments when you're specifically out to take photos can sometimes be challenging. What better way for you to relax than to crack out a joke or two? Knock knocks, slapstick or a good old-fashioned one liner. It turns a stiff few seconds in front of a camera, into a fun and relaxed moment between two people that can't get enough of each other.

4. Embrace each other

I mean, you are in love after all. Pick a lovely spot with a half-decent backdrop, pretend there isn't a weird guy with a camera and just enjoy each others' company.

5. The cliche "wander through a cornfield"

Ah, a classic. This one is the most difficult one to get as it involves wandering through a field, with the sun shining, in England. Yeah...exactly. But boy, it does make for a lovely photo.