The Importance of Engagement Shoots

10 March 2021

Engagement shoots play an important role in the quest for beautiful wedding photographs.

They typically last for half an hour; essentially wandering around a nice location and taking a few hundred shots of you two being all lovey-dovey. You might wonder how this contributes, at all, to your wedding day.

One word – confidence.

An engaged couple walking through a wheat field

These shoots are a fantastic opportunity for you and your photographer to meet and get to know each other. Skype just doesn’t have the same level of interaction as a real-life shoot does. It allows both the couple and the photographer to get to know each other on a personal level, and gives you an idea of their shooting style prior to the big day.

They also give you the chance to be in front of a camera! Taking selfies is one thing, but having a professional direct you and capture those little moments is far and beyond anything that most people have experienced. An engagement shoot allows nervous and excited couples alike, the chance to be in front of the camera for the first time.

I’m a firm believer that building that confidence with the camera will ultimately lead to you feeling more relaxed your wedding day, allowing you both to let loose and create more natural moments.

An engaged couple walking along a canal